More than ever before, whether we migrate or a friend or a relative migrates, people have ties that reach way beyond borders.  Companies are constantly looking for suppliers and customers in other countries.  Well, we live in a global society.  Unfortunately, distances, differences in cultures and laws, to name just few obstacles, present a real challenge.  


We believe we can provide different solutions through a combination of technological innovation and strategic partnerships in each country to help our users.  Loopkash is a niche solution provider for businesses and individuals.  We focus on adding value to our users by focusing on 3 factors: cost, time, quality.  


Our niche market is the ecosystem of individuals and businesses willing to look out of the box to find solutions to their international activities.  Loopkash is a work in progress and we study one activity at the time to understand the value chain and offer a different set of solutions.  


 Take a look at some of our solutions: 

- Money Swap: Not your conventional way of sending money.  We create a market place where offer and demand can be matched.  We lower the fees and let users help each others using the real exchange rate.  Compare our homepage rate to leading companies.  On our Marketplace, anyone sending money from one country to a different one can connect with a user, from the destination country, doing the opposite transaction.  When that happens, we have Partners in each country, ready to help our community to complete the transaction in each country, which is: receive the funds and pay the recipient. 

- Professionals (Attorneys and Accountants): The are some of the most requested services.  We select professionals who understand our objectives: clearly defined activities with baseline cost to help users quickly determine who they want to work with.  We focus on activities where start and completion time can are known with a good certainty.  This is why we can attached a baseline cost to each activity.  As much as possible, we also target professionals speaking more than one language.

- Project Managers: This is a great group that will be broken down in more specific activities as we grow.  This is where you can find Purchase agents, Project Auditors, Consultants... All from the same country as you but living abroad.  If you are a business owner and cannot travel, give us a chance.  Our purchase agents can help.  Our Projects Auditors are ready to give you feedbacks you need to ensure that the residence you are building has the correct documentation or is progressing well with the proper material you've requested.  These are just few examples.

- Escrow service providers: In many situations, we have buyers and sellers need a middleman to secure the funds to facilitate a deal.  We provide the middleman where the product is delivered or where the service is rendered.  


We are studiying more services to add to our website.  Contact us for suggestions.